Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Susan Allen Republican Women's- Elephant Tales- January 2012

Here is the Susan Allen Republican Women's Club January 2012 newsletter (Newsletter is in PDF format)

January 2012 Committee Newsletter



What is State Central Committee?

The State Party Plan provides for a State Central Committee, elected principally along congressional district lines, to supervise the overall operation of the Party, especially in statewide campaigns such as governor and U.S. Senator. Among other things, the State Central Committee determines the method of nomination for statewide candidates, considers and adopts amendments to the State Party Plan, and resolves disputes over internal Party matters that work their way up from the local to the state level. The State Central Committee is the governing body for the Republican Party of Virginia and on January 21, 2012 it will meet to vote on the 2012 Presidential Intent Requirement (loyalty oath).

State Central is comprised of proven and dedicated Republicans who support the principles of the Republican Party and who vote for Republican Candidates. They are generally elected by the District Committees. VFRW also has representatives serving on State Central. At the Advance in December, Marie Quinn received the Seventh District Volunteer of the Year Award. For those of you who know Marie, you are aware of her endless work and commitment to the Republican Party. Doug and Brenda Rogers received the 7th District Volunteer of the Year Award in 2010.

Chairman Rogers is one of about 60 members of the State Central Committee. The Committee voted to have a Primary for the election of Republican Candidates for President and U.S. Senate to appear on the ballot in November, 2012. The Presidential Primary will be held on March 6, 2012 then on June 12 a Primary for U.S. Senate. On June 16, there will be a Republican Convention to elect the Virginia Committee Chair and approve any proposed amendments to the State Party Plan. Pat Mullins is currently State Chairman and will be running for reelection. For more information about the State Party Plan, known as the Plan of Organization of Republican Party of Virginia go to the Republican Party of Virginia website: www.rpv.org

Virginia has 132 cities and counties and within each city and county the affairs of the Party are conducted by the Unit Committee. The Republican Committee of Orange County determines the method of nomination for candidates for local offices, such as board of supervisors, sheriff and commissioner of revenue. The Committee is the backbone of the entire party structure, comprised of representatives from each precinct within the Committee. Your continued membership in the Republican Committee of Orange County is vital. Grassroots efforts get Republicans elected. Annual dues for 2012 are Ten Dollars, please send your check payable to Republican Committee of Orange County, 256 Washington Street, Locust Grove, VA 22508

Republican Election Officers Needed – NOW!

Please consider serving as an Election Day Officer of Election. The Committee needs Election Officers in all eleven voting locations. Your presence ensures the integrity of the voting process. The Election Officer validates registered voters and monitors voting machines. If you are physically and mentally capable, please consider applying at the Registrars office as soon as possible. You may always choose not to work, but you must be appointed to work. Apply now. The number of Election Officials is limited and you may be assured that the democrats will be applying. It really is fun and you will be doing a great service for the Republican Party. This is a paid position.

2012 will be a critical election for the future of the United States. Renew your membership today. Doug Rogers, Republican Committee of O.C., Chair