Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to the Orange County Republican Party

We are at an exciting time in our Party's development. We have put our philosophy of limited government, traditional family values, pro-capitalism, strong national defense and low taxes in the arena of public opinion and the verdict is in! The majority of Orange County and the country agree with us! Republicans are winning! Poll after poll has shown that our ideas are America's ideas.

Our core values have made this state and this country a world superpower. We have witnessed our state government change from being a Democrat stronghold to a Republican majority! This is due to a concerted effort to get our message out and get out the vote!

However, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Now that we have the momentum of victory, we will continue to work harder to strengthen our majorities in both Washington and in Richmond. With the sweat of our brow and our convictions tucked firmly in our hearts, we will go on to greater victories in this next election!

So, why don’t you join the winning team? Get involved and make a difference. Do not just sit on the sidelines of destiny and watch history, become a part of it! You can contribute in a number of ways. From a monetary contribution to volunteering some of your time, you can be involved in shaping your country’s destiny.

Remember this: Democracy is a rare and precious thing in the world. In most countries, people have their leaders forced upon them. WE, choose our leaders from among us. This is no small thing. The United States is the yardstick of freedom by which all other countries are measured. Good government does not just happen by accident. Good government happens because good people work to make it happen.

Thank you and remember to vote Republican!

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  1. i need to know where in orange Co. can i get yard signs. Suzanne